This session will build on the concepts introduced during the morning plenary, extend the discussion on the construct of therapy, and explore participants’ theories of change related to therapeutic work. Perry’s pathway of “regulate, relate and reason” will provide a framework for focusing on the power of regulatory support for children, and the development of therapeutic alliances through relationship-based approaches as the essential foundation for helping and healing. The therapeutic potential in every hour of the day will be illustrated through lecture and group discussion.

  • In the course of providing therapeutic services for children, participants will be able to offer services that are more neurobiologically and developmentally informed, and hold greater promise for helping and healing.

  • In the context of providing professional services, attendees will be better able to adjust the timing and dosing of therapeutic services in order to enhance the results.

  • Within their work context, participants will be able to embed therapeutic strategies in the child’s typical day, and appreciate the developmental and neurobiological impact of joyful moments.


Reconceptualizing Therapy Through Multiple Lenses

Dr. Kristie Brandt

Trauma Responsive Strategies with Infants, Children, & Families




Regulate, Relate, Reason

Experiential Learning

October 15, 2019

October 14, 2019 or

October 16, 2019

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